“I love colourful and unique wooden jewellery. I’m a Finn and fascinated by modern Scandinavian design and natural materials.”


Teija Torvinen, Founder, Unique Ella Ltd

Welcome to the Unique Ella online jewellery store based in Cambridge, UK, which offers beautiful, unique and modern Nordic design earrings.

The wooden jewellery of the Unique Ella store is both our own design and the jewellery of Finnish designers. Our own jewellery collection is called Unique Ella.

Unique Ella and the handpicked designers use environmentally friendly materials in the crafting and preparation of their handmade jewellery. The plywood-based designs are sourced from PEFC and FSC certified sustainable Finnish birch. Plywood jewellery is very lightweight and comfortable to wear every day.

We share the designers’ ethical, environmentally responsible vision and only select eco-friendly packaging, as we are passionate about ecologically made, high quality, colourful and handcrafted jewellery.